The Outpatient Diaries: 29.06.20

9:30 I wake up and take Shuggs round the block. He barks at a young boy on a bike, awks.

10:00 I make a smoothie bowl and have some peanut butter. I am still very much craving peanut butter all the time. It’s actually crazy how much of it I eat and my body SCREAMS for it. Weird. Maybe it’s the protein or fat? Not sure. Either way, it’s scary and worries me a lot. I’m concerned I will be eating jars of peanut butter when I am 50. Not cool.

10:30 I get dressed and take Shuggs for a walk. We go a new rate down by the river and I listen to my audiobook called A Bit Of A Stretch by Chris Atkins. It’s the diary he kept whilst in prison and reminds me eerily of my Inpatient Diaries…

11:30 I get a call from Catherine saying she is going to be late (we were supposed to meet at 11:30 so I am actually quite relieved as I am still on the walk with Shuggs).

12:00 Catherine arrives and we decide to go to Henley for lunch. We look around for a nice cafe or something but everything is closed. We end up going to Starbucks getting sanwiches and mocha frappucinos.

2:30 We sit by the river and chat.

3:00 It’s a bit cold and windy so we decide to go back to the car.

4:00 We arrive back at my house and we take Shuggs out. He runs around and has the zoomies (sidenote: zoomies are when he runs around like mad and you can chase him around).

6:00 Catherine leaves and we arrange to see each other again soon.

7:00 Mum and I have dinner.

7:55 Mum and I watch Married at First Sight. This show was massive in Australia and everyone became really invested when I was at school there.

8:15 I have a big bowl of cereal. Extreme hunger is bad tonight. I know this won’t be the last bowl I have tonight…

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