The Outpatient Diaries: 19.6.20

8:31 Shuggs wakes me up by licking my face as always. I go downstairs and get a snack before taking him around the block.

8:50 I have breakfast.

9:15 I phone the GP about my back and they give me some strong painkillers and some exercises to do. I am getting really annoyed that I can’t do any exercise at the moment because of it. I just want it to be better so I can get strong. I know I have to just wait for now though…

10:00 I shower and wash my hair.

11:15 I walk to Waitrose but the queue is so long I decide to go home.

11:30 Immy and I drive to Sainsbury’s where we buy lunch, things to bake a cake and a Father’s Day card for Grandad.

12:15 Immy and I bake a red velvet cake in preparation for Catherine’s birthday next week. We are going to take it to our cousins’ house on Saturday. I realise I haven’t seen my cousins for 2 years because of my ED.

1:35 We take the cakes out the oven and have lunch.

3:35 Immy gives me 2 books all about self-care and feminism. I can’t wait to read them.

4:00 We finish decorating the cake and put it in a tin. I’m feeling rubbish about my body today.

5:00 Mum and I do some book deliveries and I fall asleep in the car.

5:55 I take Shuggs for a walk. He gets very very muddy and is usually hyper for this time in the afternoon. I listen to Adam Buxton. The walk has cheered me up a bit.

7:00 Mum and I have dinner (my favourite, Mum’s risotto).

7:45 I make my friend who is in hospital and going to an inpatient unit in Glasgow on Monday a gift box filled with lots of little presents. I am going to visit her tomorrow.

8:00 Mum and I watch TV. Gogglebox is on and one of my favourite films, Us, comes on.

9:00 I make myself a big ol’ snack bowl and a hot choc.

10:15 Immy comes back from work. It’s always at this time of night that I feel worst about my body and it’s set in again now. I try and distract myself. We watch 24 hours in A and E which I really enjoy but it does bring me bad memories of being in A and E every time. It makes me sad but I try and rationalise how much they helped me.

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