TODAY’S MANTRA: Be proud of every step you take. Keep stepping forward. It may not feel as if you are making progress but you’re doing great. One step at a time.

TODAY’S POSITIVE AFFIRMATION: I am proud of how far I’ve come and am excited for what I’ll do in the future.

TODAY’S SELF-CARE MOMENT: Baked a yummy blondie thing!

TODAY’S NOTE TO SELF: Be yourself through and through – your body doesn’t define you it’s just a shell for your personality,


HOW WOULD I SUM UP TODAY? Definitely had a few downs but managed to come out of it stronger.

WHAT WAS MY GENERAL MOOD? Reflective and relaxed.

THREE NICE THINGS I DID TODAY: Baked, walked Shuggs with Immy and read my book.

MY GRATITUDE MOMENT: Grateful to have the strength to be able to enjoy what I bake.

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