TODAY’S MANTRA: If your body asks for seconds, you haven’t had enough firsts. It’s perfectly okay to eat more. You need more than, more than enough in recovery.

TODAY’S POSITIVE AFFIRMATION: Each day my life is filled with love and joy.

TODAY’S SELF-CARE MOMENT: Eat as much as you want, when you want!

TODAY’S NOTE TO SELF: Today in 14 weeks you will be starting at St Andrew’s! Recover and make the most of every moment now so you can live the life you want to then! Restricting will get you nowhere.


HOW WOULD I SUM UP TODAY? Hard, but amazing. I had the best walk with Rebecca and Shuggs, helped out in the book shop and went on a short run with Immy which was really fun. It’s good to start to feel normal again.

WHAT WAS MY GENERAL MOOD? Anxious but happy.

THREE THINGS I DID WELL TODAY: Satisfied my hunger, got over a blip when I considered relapsing and emailed the therapist to arrange a phone call!

MY GRATITUDE MOMENT: Grateful for the fact I am able to recover at home, surrounded by love.

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