Discharge update

Hello lovely people! I thought I would update you all on how freedom is and what I’ve been up to over the past few days. Sorry for the absence, I’ve been living a pretty awesome life!

So as you probably know, on Monday I was discharged from the hospital at around 8 in the morning. I was up so early in excitement but I managed to fit in a few Grace and Frankies so it was all good. I then met Mum and Immy and we drove home. Mum and I took Shuggs for a lovely walk whilst Immy prepared the Late Birthday Brunch for us. It was INCREDIBLE! It was also the first time in years that I felt genuinely full which was amazing. We had a fruit platter, croissants, yoghurt, granola, pancakes, smoked salmon, toast, sweet potato (just me lol), peanut butter and jam. We also had cocktails which was so fun and they were really delicious! I had a peach spritzy thing which was lush. I had the best time.

Later that day I saw my best friends Phoebe and Rebecca. We went on the most lovely walk ever in Abingdon by the river and then through a few fields. It was so sunny and warm (as you probably all know). We caught up and honestly it felt like old times which is just the nicest feeling ever.

The next day I saw Catherine who gave me presents for being discharged! I mean how kind is that. She really is an incredible friend and I love her so much. She got me 2 mugs from our favourite shop that we’ve been to together a few times and a notebook too. She knows me so well! Lots of hot choccys and coffees to come. We took our bikes and rode to Radley Lakes and sat there for a while and chatted which was so lovely. We made plans to see each other again on Saturday and go swimming in the lakes. This will be a HUGE CHALLENGE for me as I’m literally the least spontaneous person in the world and am REALLY SO VERY SELF-CONSCIOUS of my tummy at the moment (thanks, uneven weight distribution) but it’s something I really want to do and it’s the kind of thing the person I want to become would do. Here goes!

I saw Phub and Reb again yesterday (I can’t get enough of ’em) then Mum, Immy and I had cocktails and wine in the garden then a BBQ. When I say I was scared for the BBQ I mean I was physically and entirely, terrified. The thought of the big burgers, bun and chips (with NO SALAD OMFG) made my tummy turn. But, I freakin’ did it. And, I enjoyed it. The burgers were from M and S and quite frankly they were S T U N N I N G. In terms of eating in general, I’ve been eating when I’m hungry (which is pretty much all the time) and not restricting in any way. Yesterday that looked like 4 lotus biscuits, 2 slices of PB toast, flapjack, grapes, a can of Aranciata and another spoonful of PB as a snack before dinner. I’m so glad I’m able to honour my extreme hunger now and although it is very scary. I know the only way I can fully recover is by listening to what my body truly wants. Sidenote: YOU HAVE TO TRY THE M&S MAPLE AND PECAN PEANUT BUTTER – it tastes of Biscoff and is honestly the best spread I’ve ever had which is saying a lot in itself.

Another thing I did yesterday was trying my hand at gardening! I managed to clear out some old and weedy pots we had lying about and fix up the soil. I was quite proud of myself seeing as I literally had no idea what I was doing, but hopefully tomorrow we can nip to homebase and buy some gorgeous flowers to plant in them. I took some progress photos but I will show them once the new flowers are put in! (For full effect ofc).

Last night I picked out my first challenge from the challenge jar. It was to have salad dressing so today we are off to Millets Farm to find a nice one and get some frozen fruit. I’m a bit nervous for it because to me salad dressing is “unnecessary” but I’m going to challenge that stupid thought and just do it. Gotta eat it to beat it.

Anyway, that was just a little quick update of the past few days. I hope to be posting a lot more on here now so stay tuned for that! Loads of love as always, Leithy xxxxxx

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