The Inpatient Diaries: Day 36 (penultimate day!)

6:00 I’m not sure why I’m awake but I am. I think about the fact it’s Saturday and that there’s only 2 more full days left until I go home… I get excited and imagine Monday in my head to help me try and get back to sleep. It doesn’t work.

7:00 I get up, shower, get dressed and get my meds.

8:15 Second last ever breakfast in hospital! And yay! For some reason they’ve put out muesli (usually just in the evening) but nobody says anything luckily. So, breakfast this morning is a big ol’ bowl of muesli with hot milk, grapefruit juice then toast with PB and choc spread and a coffee.

9:00 I facetime Immy whilst she has her breakfast.

9:30 I go to the art room with 2 other patients. I finish off my button flower and make a bracelet out of pink and white beads.

11:00 Snack is fruit and nut cake (ew) and a banana.

11:30 I play uno with several other patients. I realise how bad I am at uno…

12:00 Do some duolingo for my french.

12:20 I pack my suitcase and a few other bags to give to Mum later on. It suddenly all feels very real. I don’t know what to do with all this excitement! Genuinely haven’t been this excited about something in ages.

12:30 Lunch is soya chilli and mash followed by a strawberry cheesecake pot thing. I will NOT miss the soya chilli….

1:00 Facetime call with Mum, Immy, Uncle Ken, Matilda and Lachlan.

2:10 I facetime Catherine and we talk about how we’ll go on bike rides together when I’m out.

2:35 I have my Oodie on from Immy so I go to my friend’s room and we take a matching photo. We also both have our socks on that we tie dyed together. I’ll miss her!

2:45 I go for my half hour walk. I get caught in the rain and get absolutely soaking.

3:15 I have a complete outfit change.

3:30 For snack I have an orange, choccy nesquik and a delish blueberry muffin nakd bar. (Unexpectedly nice actually).

4:00 Get my parcels from Phub and Reb and Sarah delivered. They are amazing. From Phoebe and Rebecca I get a word search book, lip balm, some sleepy spray stuff that smells amazing and a facemask. From Sarah, a huge dot to dot book. Perfect to keep me busy! They know me so well.

4:30 I meet Mum and Shuggs and give her my bags. I can’t wait to be able to properly hug her. It makes me a bit sad but I know its only 1 more full day. OMFG. 1 more full day!

5:10 I get back to the ward and do some yoga. I just love love love doing yoga. And amazing news, my yoga blocks I ordered from Amazon have arrived so I’ll be able to use them on Monday too! Can’t wait.

6:00 Dinner is some weird yellow lumpy soup (lucky I love soup because this could have been a real nightmare), a bread roll with marg, salad with dressing and hummus with sweet chilli sauce (a killer combo). This is all followed by some extremely mushy and brown grapes and a cup of tea. Blimey, 1 more day until hot choccy! Push through Leith, push through.

7:00 I get into my PJs and facetime Mum.

8:00 I facetime Barker, Sophie and Mya.

9:15 Nightsnack is muesli and a banana.

Penultimate day DONE! Tomorrow is going to be a long one but I’ll get to see Mum again luckily and I’m going to be able to keep myself busy with dot-to-dots and wordsearches! Big love as always, Leithy xx

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