The Inpatient Diaries: Day 36

7:55 I wake up and get ready for the day.

8:15 For breakfast this morning I have hot shreddies and grapefruit juice followed by PB and choc spread toast and a coffee. Before I would have been too scared to have PB and choc spread after being told off yesterday but today I felt stronger and just went for it. Feels good. I’m having what I actually want! Imagine that.

9:00 I facetime Immy and we start to watch Little Fires Everywhere. I ADORED this book so much so I’ve got very high hopes. So far it does not disappoint.

10:05 Dad facetimes me and we have a little catch up.

10:25 I watch listen to Notes On A Conditional Form (the new The 1975 album). I prefer their old stuff let’s just leave it at that….

11:00 Snack time. I have a banana and a pack of BBQ hula hoops (possibly making a comeback).

11:20 We have CBT group. It is painfully long because the internet is down and the psychologist keeps on cutting out and in. It is also about the fourth or fifth time I’ve sat through this exact session… not fun.

12:30 I group has run over by about 15 minutes so I rush to the loo then we go straight to lunch. I have mac and cheese with the tasteless sweetcorn (OMG cannot wait for normal sweetcorn) and then apple crumble with ice cream. Wow. I just realise that I’ve had my last ever hospital crumble! WOOHOO!!!!

1:10 I go back to my room and just go on my phone for a bit.

1:15 The dietician comes in and tells me to fill out the weekly Dining Room Project form. It’s basically like a questionnaire each patient fills out on a Friday after lunch asking about behaviours observed at the table. Today, I barely note any, mainly because my back is facing everyone where I’m sitting but anyway it feels nice to think that meals can actually be normal with no drama…

2:30 I go for my walk and get stung by a stinging nettle. It really hurts.

3:05 I get back to the ward and tell the nurse I got stung and thank goodness, she gives me a wet paper towel. I’m cured.

3:30 For snack I have a packet of cheddars, 3 fig rolls and a cup of tea.

4:10 One of the occupational therapists comes to my room and tells me she is proud of me. She tells me I should start cooking at home and if I make a sweet potato curry and put in on my recipe page, it has to be called “[Her name]’s Curry”. I promise her I will.

4:30 I do some yoga in my room and send a video to my friends. I’m so happy my body is finally strong enough to do it again.

5:00 I shower and wash my hair.

6:00 Dinner is a jacket potato with tuna followed by a banana and a yoghurt.

6:45 I facetime Mum. She takes Shuggs round the block whilst on the call to me and I get to see him play with another dog. I cannot wait to give him the biggest hugs.

7:30 I have a long chat with one of the nurses about my discharge. We discuss how I’m going to come back in a few years and talk to patients about my recovery.

8:30 I watch Glow Up with Mum.

9:15 Snack is muesli with hot milk and a banana.

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS! Ahhh I can’t believe the time is nearly here. So excited because tomorrow I’ll get to see Mum again which will be lovely. Hopefully this will mean the day will go by fast! Penultimate brekkie tomorrow morning….. woooohooooooooo!

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