The Inpatient Diaries: Day 33

5:45 A nurse is knocking at my door. What do they want? It’s not Monday or Thursday so I can’t be being weighed… But I am. They tell me yesterday’s weight must have been inaccurate so they need to do it again today. I’m not really worried about it being below healthy but it does enter my mind. Phew, it’s still healthy. I go back to my room and try to sleep.

7:15 I have a shower and get ready for the day.

8:15 It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! (You probably don’t, it just seems like probably the most exciting thing that will happen to me today). Because of this I have muesli, followed by grapefruit juice, PB and choc spread toast and a tea. Lovely.

9:00 Nutrition group. Today we are talking about nutrients and I’m surprised when she says 35% of our diets should be fat. And that’s coming from an A* F&N GCSE student. (That’s sarcasm – the only thing that exam taught me were factors to consider when buying a fridge and I’m really not joking, you got a mark for colour).

10:10 I go to sandwich making but apparently I’m the only patient who’s not busy (what the world anyone else is up to I have no idea) so looks like I’m solo today. I don’t know if I’ll manage alone. It’s hummus week and wow they’ve really pushed the boat out today. There’s either plain hummus or red hummus. I obviously go for the red one, I desperately need to cling onto any excitement I get when it comes to sandwiches here. I make the sandwich (with the correct amount of margarine) and wrap it in foil for later.

11:00 Snack is an orange, a banana and some choccy nesquik. Everyone eats a bit slower on Tuesday AM snack because we have community group straight after.

11:20 Community group. We discuss the usual: food waste, broken showers and visiting. A dietician announces we are getting a ping pong table! Exciting! That genuinely sounds like loads of fun until she asks someone to volunteer to write “managing techniques” surrounding the activity level it would require…

12:30 Lunch is a cheese and onion pasty with hash browns and carrot mash followed by a yoghurt and a little pot of peach in juice. This is an extremely “Cotswold House” meal. We are made to mix the yoghurt in with the juicy fruit which turns it into watery slop. Egh.

1:00 I facetime Immy. I’m bored. I play on my switch for a bit.

1:30 I fill out some of my Positivity Planner that Mum bought me for my birthday. It’s really cool.

2:30 I go for my walk. It’s bloomin’ boiling. Nice though. My 30 minutes of sanity a day.

3:30 I have my “Snack Out” except it’s not “out” it’s in the garden. This involves me picking a snack (I chose flapjack last week because yum) and then sitting outside with the dietician and eating it. It’s then followed by a debrief where you talk about how it made you feel yada yada… Anyway I’m a bit annoyed because the piece of flapjack I’m given is literally tiny and the usual snack today is cake. NGL I feel a bit like I’m missing out. But hey, snack is a piece of flapjack, a banana and choccy milk.

4:00 I have the debrief from the snack out. It’s kind of weird because I really wasn’t nervous and didn’t feel guilty after. I guess this is a good thing!

4:30 I facetime Immy and we do our yoga. I think I’ve got more flexible over the past week! Yay!

5:00 I shower and wash my hair.

5:15 I facetime Aunty Florence and catch up with her.

6:00 Dinner is the (now soggy) hummus sandwich I made earlier, some mini cheddars and an orange followed by a cup of tea.

6:40 I facetime Mum.

7:15 I go into the social area and my friend plaits my hair. Two more patients join us and we start do karaoke on the Wii.

8:15 We are now playing Just Dance (what a throwback).

9:15 Snack is toast with PB and choccy spread. Feel a bit guilty about having this (haven’t felt like this in ages). Think it’s because now I know I’ve reached my target. But gotta push through. I can do this. I won’t beat it if I restrict in any way.

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