The Inpatient Diaries: Day 27

7:55 I get up, get dressed and get ready for the day. I ask a nurse if I can get the stuff (bigger clothes and a book) that Mum brought in 3 days ago which are due to come out of quarantine today. They tell me to wait.

8:05 I go for meds but I’m so far back in the queue that I miss it. This is annoying because it means I’ll have to wait until after breakfast and I’ll probably get told off later. I hate getting told off.

8:15 For breakfast I have hot shreddies, grapefruit juice, toast with PB and choccy spread then a cup of coffee with brown sugar. If anyone can get today’s dingbat, I’ll shout you out tomorrow! (I couldn’t get it)

9:00 I finally get my meds and my mints and I’m told off. I try and explain to the nurse but she seems a bit annoyed. I try not to dwell on it.

9:15 I have a problem. I need the loo desperately but obviously they are still looked at the moment. I go and ask a nurse if I can go and she tells me that I shouldn’t be making it a habit (I’ve gone the past few days at this time). She’s not annoyed but it does put me in a bit of a downer. At least I get to go.

9:33 I put some Youtube on and watch more recovery videos. They make me really happy.

10:00 I’m looking for a lovely photo album or scrapbook that I’ll be able to put the photos of me completing my recovery bucket list in. It’s actually surprisingly hard to find one that you don’t create digitally or isn’t over £50…

10:15 I am sitting in the garden listening to music. It’s quite cold but it’s a nice cold, not an “I’m anorexic and wearing 14 layers cold”. Fresh.

10:40 Facetime immy and we watch Desperate Housewives.

11:00 Snack is 3 fig rolls, a coffee with sugar and a banana that I find open already. Very off-putting. And worrying. The nurse says it’s fine and I should just eat it. It was fine, but that’s not the point.

11:20 I do some colouring in my Tintin colouring book.

11:50 Watching Youtube and looking for recipes that I can bake when I get out.

12:00 I am messaging Dilly about her wedding and I get all excited. She shows me possible wedding dresses and they are GORGEOUS! I start looking online at the website she sent me and think about what dress I would choose…. (an amazing way to kill time by the way). She also tells me you can get pick and mix through Deliveroo! Defo going to be doing that when I get home too.

12:30 Lunch is a rather tasty soya bolognese with mushy pasta, carrot mash then sultana sponge and custard. I also have a coffee with some brown sugar.

1:10 I facetime Immy and we watch Desperate Housewives again.

1:30 A nurse comes in and gives me my stuff from quarantine. It’s a bag containing loads of clothes that have previously been too big for me (some stuff I haven’t even been able to wear yet so are still brand new!) and a book sent from Amy B as part of the book exchange on Instagram. I can’t wait to start it, it’s called The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

2:30 I go for my afternoon walk. We are supposed to have heard from the NHS by now about whether or not we are allowed to go out more than once a day, and whether we can have visitors although apparently the meeting was cancelled. I can’t be bothered to wait for a concrete answer (it will probably be much later anyway) so I go for my half an hour in one go.

3:30 For snack I have salt and vinegar hula hoops, strawberry nesquik and a banana.

4:00 I facetime Immy and start making a mood board of bedroom inspiration (one of the things on my bucket list is to re-do my room). It mostly includes stuff from Anthropologie… a girl can dream….

4:36 Immy realises she has spilt lasagne on her trackies (lol),

5:00 I sit outside and watch Youtube videos.

5:30 I facetime Mum and we watch The Chase.

6:00 For dinner I have a tuna mayo roll then a muller rice and a cup of tea.

7:05 I facetime Mum whilst she cooks burgers on the barbeque. We talk about all the things on my bucket list that are achievable during lockdown. It makes me so excited. I’m still pretty desperate to go home but I know the earliest I’ll be able to even bring up day patient will be Monday. Who knows what will happen. I guess I just have to trust the process and wait it out.

7:45 I do some Tintin colouring and we watch The Great British Menu. Mum and I discuss how long I’ve been in hospital for. I feel like I’ve come so far since first being admitted to the JR in March. I’m proud and feel ready to face the real world. I’m hoping and praying that tomorrow I can get as close as possible to my healthy weight. Once I reach a healthy weight I’ll probably spend a week’s maintenance (or maybe more, it depends) so the sooner the better! I’m nervous for tomorrow’s weigh in.

9:15 For night snack I have peanut butter and chocolate spread toast and a tea. I decide I’ll go to optionals tonight because I know I’ll be worrying about tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will take my mind off things.

So today turned out to be pretty boring. I did manage to get my stuff from quarantine which is a plus though and I had a nice walk. Apart from that, I didn’t do much and we didn’t get the announcement from the trust regarding visitors. I’m hoping we’ll get some more news tomorrow at community meeting but as I say, who knows! Another day done. Tomorrow is looking pretty busy so I’ll see you then! Night everyone xxxxx

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