I thought I would dedicate a whole blog post to my recovery bucket list because its a topic I LOVE thinking about and it really does bring me so much joy. During my previous admission I made a book called “Reasons to Recover” which basically is a scrapbook of photos of things I want to do when I’m better, so I’ll include them here as well.

The thing about this list is that I am genuinely going to do each and every one of the plans. It means so much to me to actually go and there and live this life I have imagined in my head because it’s what gets me through each day and motivates my recovery. Whether it takes a few months, a few years or a lifetime, I WILL complete each and every one, starting from the day I’m discharged. Obviously with the whole lockdown situ, there are many things that won’t be possible for a little while, but for now I think making a start is better than nothing.

I’m so excited for the person I’m becoming and can’t wait to just get out there and LIVE AGAIN! Here’s to laughing, sharing and being free of anorexia!

  1. Reach a healthy weight.
  2. Do a sky dive.
  3. Learn to cook a new dish.
  4. Run a marathon.
  5. Go out for a 3 course meal.
  6. Try out new baking recipes and actually eat the stuff I make.
  7. Buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes that fit me!
  8. Go to Oban with Dad, Mum, Immy, Aunty Florence, Susie and Shuggs.
  9. Go to Disneyland with Phoebe and Rebecca.
  10. Have champagne for breakfast.
  11. Visit Yasemin in Abu Dhabi.
  12. Have some cheesecake.
  13. Make a peanut butter and date smoothie bowl with Immy.
  14. Go on a seaside trip with the family and Shuggs.
  15. Visit Bali with Immy.
  16. Make tiffin and have some.
  17. Go on the water slide at Atlantis the Palm which goes through a shark tank.
  18. Go to Dirty Bones.
  19. Invite friends round for a dinner party and cook for them.
  20. Have Dad’s enchaladas.
  21. Go open-water swimming.
  22. Go to Brighton and visit my cousin, Thea.
  23. Get a milkshake from Willow’s.
  24. Try authentic gelato.
  25. Make fresh juice.
  26. Have some wine!
  27. Have ramen.
  28. Go back to the Sunshine Coast with the Bahramali’s.
  29. Go hiking with Immy.
  30. Have a boozy birthday brunch to celebrate me turning 19.
  31. Go to festivals.
  32. Have a meal at Victor’s to celebrate Mum’s birthday.
  33. Make homemade granola.
  34. Go to a house party.
  35. Go to Portugal with the family and try true an authentic pastel de nata.
  36. Go to the Bilgola cafe.
  37. Visit Sarah and Mads in Scotland.
  38. Go for a spontaneous trip with a friend.
  39. Go for birthday meals out with Phoebe and Rebecca that I’ve missed over the years.
  40. Have a takeaway.
  41. Have a frappucino.
  42. Have a banana-flavoured boost.
  43. Try something from G and D’s.
  44. Go for a meal at the Ivy.
  45. Have a large Dairy Queen.
  46. Have a buffet breakfast and eat until satisfied!
  47. Do blog posts on loads of new recipes.
  48. Eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s in one go.
  49. Have a meal out with Uncle Matthew, Sally, Grandad and the boys.
  50. Do a 26-hour sofa marathon.
  51. Eat a whole pizza with Bronnie
  52. Go snorkelling.
  53. Try the gin and tonics from my (2018!) advent calendar.
  54. Go for drinks with Jess.
  55. See the Northern Lights.
  56. Have Aunty Florence’s incredible omelette.
  57. Have pick ‘n’ mix.
  58. Go camping.
  59. Pull an all-nighter.
  60. Cook the family dinner.
  61. Go on a yoga retreat.
  62. Road-trip to Edinburgh with Catherine and show her around.
  63. Climb a mountain.
  64. Have cocktails and try the street food in Soho with Dilly.
  65. Have a huge garden party to celebrate my recovery (everyone reading this is invited!)
  66. Have a Moomoo’s with Dilly.
  67. Go on a spa day with Mum and Immy.
  68. Go to the cinema and have a slushie and some popcorn.
  69. Go for cocktails then go clubbing with Immy.
  70. Create a snack tub and eat whenever until I’m satisfied.
  71. Do a fitness class with Immy.
  72. Go to a sushi-making course with Emma-Jane.
  73. Get a tattoo with Mum!
  74. Have Mum’s famous tuna salad.
  75. Go to the Loon Fung in Edinburgh.
  76. Go to Soho Farmhouse with Dilly, Rachel and Immy.
  77. Visit New York.
  78. Go for a shopping trip in London with Phoebe and Rebecca.
  79. Have a Ben’s cookie.
  80. Go to a climbing wall with Nikki.
  81. Have something from a bakery.
  82. Buy a smoothie from a cafe.
  83. Go to Ole and Steen and try a bun.
  84. Go to Bleach with Mum and dye our hair crazy colours.
  85. Try tres leche cake.
  86. Try kickboxing.
  87. Have a Messina.
  88. Raise money for Beat.
  89. Go to the Cereal Killer Cafe with Immy and Mum.
  90. Go to El&N with Immy and Mum.
  91. Have pancakes made by Immy.
  92. Have a rainbow bagel from Brick Lane.
  93. Go to uni and visit friends.
  94. Get a massage.
  95. Go for a hot air balloon ride.
  96. Do a calligraphy course.
  97. Sort my bedroom out.
  98. Get a facial.
  99. Get a part-time job.
  100. Complete this list.

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