The Inpatient Diaries: Day 24

7:55 I shower, get dressed, brush my teeth and get my meds.

8:15 For breakfast I have shreddies, grapefruit juice and then toast with peanut butter and chocolate spread and a tea. Here is a dingbat from today, can you get it? (I thought this one was a bit rogue, personally).

9:00 I nap (and actually do!)

11:00 Not sure how it is already 11. Not complaining though. Snack is one digestive, one hobnob, a banana and a coffee.

11:25 I go to the art room with 2 other patients and the occupational therapist. I use a glue gun and PVA to stick buttons down into the shape of a heart. (It’s to match Mum’s big one we have in the breakfast room).

12:20 I peel the remaining PVA off my fingers. Fun.

12:25 I go for meds.

12:30 Lunch is mac and cheese (AKA white mush) with sweetcorn. We then have a pot of fruit in juice (like the canned type) and a yoghurt. As always, I open the fruit pot and get absolutely covered in the juice. I laugh awkwardly alongside one other patient on my table but the nurse doesn’t look so amused. Does she really think that was deliberate? It would be quite impressive if it was though, given that now I am completely sticky and smelling of artificial peach.

1:10 I facetime Mum whilst she has her lunch. She’s drinking a Coke and I’m jealous.

2:30 I go for my (wet and windy) walk and listen to Adam Buxton. There’s nobody around which is nice.

3:30 Snack is an apple, milk and cheddars. I would usually have had hula hoops but I challenged myself and tried cheddars. They’re good! They remind me of my childhood. I add coffee and choccy nesquik to my hot milk and make myself a mocha. I’m feeling very proud of myself.

4:00 I facetime Phoebe and Rebecca whilst I paint my nails. A patient has given me her supply of nail varnishes and files which was so kind.

4:45 I write my notes for my CTM tomorrow. I am going to ask to free pour, for Mum to be belt to bring something in for my birthday and if I can do some stretching in my room. (Yes, really, stretches have to be prescribed).

5:15 I think about how boring today’s Inpatient Diaries will be. Maybe I’ll make up a story that I escaped and ran away to Mexico and ate all the burritos I encountered… or maybe not.

6:00 Dinner is a tuna sweetcorn sandwich and apple crumble with custard. I know I’ve said this before but there really is a limit to how much crumble and custard you can have before it starts getting boring. If you haven’t already guessed, I am way, way past this point.

6:45 I facetime Mum.

7:00 We watch Boris. FFS.

7:40 Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes up. We’ll get news of how the “changes” affect us tomorrow in our CTMs. Mine is the last one of the day and is at 12:15.

8:00 We watch the last episode of Friday Night Dinner (very emotional).

8:30 I play Cooking Mama and make a galaxy smoothie. Throwback to the time Immy and I tried to copy a recipe from the Cooking Mama on our DS… lol (It doesn’t work FYI).

9:15 For nightsnack I have peanut butter and choccy spread toast and a coffee with brown sugar.

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