May book review – Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Now this is a book I just HAD to review. I read it a while ago but it really stuck with me for being so woke (yes, I used the word “woke” – sue me), witty and compulsively readable. There’s so much more to this book than just the storytelling and on analysis, it’s actually quite complex. The main storyline is about a black woman who babysits for a white family and one night during a family emergency, the babysitter is called to look after the child, Having nowhere to take her, she goes to the supermarket where she is accused of having kidnapped the child. (I know, crazy right?!)

I loved this book right from the start and can also highly recommend the audiobook as the narrator is quirky and adds her own spin to the dialogue. It’s a very contemporary book and raises modern day issues of social class, friendship and success to name a few. Overall, I got through the book quite quickly, which I liked, and although as cliche as it sounds, I really could not put it down. It’s fun, quirky and important. All things a book should be in my opinion.

The ending is a little abrupt I admit. However, I liked it all the same and felt it did the rest of the book justice. The social commentary running throughout is engaging and thought provoking and this book would be perfect to discuss with others about as there’s so many layers to it. So please, let me know if you’ve read it and we can have a good ol’ chat!

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