How joy and peanut butter are basically the same thing, plus the impermanence of living.

Evening lovely people. I was on my ground leave today and a wonderful thought came into my head. To enjoy something, you simply have to add joy to that thing. Joy is therefore the same as peanut butter – add it to anything and it will be a million times better than it was before. Slather on the joy like the PB on the jammy toast and trust me, you won’t regret it. The only difference is joy unfortunately can’t be found in the “Preserves” isle in a convenient little jar. It can though, be found if you look for it hard enough, everywhere! You just have to stop waiting for it to magically appear and start living in the moment (see yesterday’s ramble). Imagine peanut butter could pop up at any time of day, in any location? Now that, that is joy,

Right, next on the agenda is the topic of impermanence. Impermanence is apparently (according to Wikipedia), known as the philosophical problem of change. To me, impermanence is anything but a problem. In fact, it’s the solution to almost anything. Life is always changing and we constantly drift between the good and the bad. I take comfort when drifting through the hard times in the fact that I know they will be over soon and I’ll leave them behind me. Everyone, yes even you, can also take comfort in knowing that more good times will come when we are having a nice time. This all might be well and good, but it’s pretty hard to remember when things are gloomy that they won’t last forever. I’m just here to remind you. So, here’s your reminder: impermanence is omnipresent and omnipotent so whatever situation you find yourself in, watch this space….

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