Thursday thoughts on authenticity, perseverance and biscuits.

Afternoon all!

Had some #deepthoughts today about persevering. God, it’s really a big one, isn’t it? So easily overlooked too. You might be on a huge journey right now (chances are you are, *cough* COVID *cough*) and I’m just here to remind you that you WILL REACH THE OTHER SIDE! The mountain you’re climbing at the moment is huge and to be honest, slightly formidable, but so is your ability to climb it. Now nobody is saying you have to enjoy it, or do something amazing during it, the only thing you need to do is to get through it. And I know you can. If it makes things easier for you, complain as much as you want and blow off the steam! It helps sometimes and frankly, things are pretty bloomin’ hard. You think mountain climbers get to the top of Everest by saying inspirational quotes and positivity all the way? Newsflash! No way. Chances are they’re grunting, sweating, crying, bleeding and swearing like pirates. That just doesn’t sound as cool to outsiders though, does it?

In other news, Mum and I found a lovely gal on instagram called Emily Spence who is a recovered anorexic and deals with extreme hunger (as do I if you don’t know by now). She talks about how normal it is and inspired us to make our own jar full of my favourite foods to snack on whenever I’m hungry, Like whenever. Middle of the night, in the car, just before dinner, just after dinner, whenever. The thing about this is it allows you to EAT UNTIL YOU’RE FULL. I was speaking to Mum and I realised that I can’t actually remember the last time I ate without some sort of restriction. Even here, I would eat more if I could because I still feel hungry after most meals and snacks. So when I get home we are going to create this jar (PSA: THIS IS NOT A “TREAT/CHEAT JAR it is JUST a FOOD JAR) and fill it with goodies. Some ideas we had for a few of them include: the M and S little treat squares (like the flapjack, millionaire shortbread etc), lotus biscuits, digestive bars (you know those little ones in packets?), dark chocolate, lindor, maltester bunnies, those amazing cookies from Sainsbury’s (if you know, you know) and hereos. I’m going to just sit on the sofa and satisfy my cravings. Because THAT is healthy.

Any other suggestions would be really appreciated! What are your favourite foods that you would add?

Right, who’s up for another bit of writing in earnest? This time it’s on authenticity. To stay authentic is to feel whatever comes up and embrace it. It’s saying whatever needs to be said and not caring if someone doesn’t get it. They don’t have to get it. or you, but now at least they know, because you’ve said it. And that in itself is amazing and way better than leaving a passive-agressive note about it. This probably all sounds a bit abstract, right? I want to give some context because I feel this currently applies to 2 situations I’m facing but can’t really go into too much details about one of them (I’m not allowed to) but let me try and explain. If something is bothering you inside and you feel bad about it, speak about it. Don’t leave it going on if it’s unhelpful for others. Do whatever feels right and don’t care about what others will think of you as a result. You deserve to speak your mind and you’re free to live however you want to. The second thing that springs to my mind when I hear the word “authenticity” is my body image. I’ve finally given up caring what my body looks like and what others think of me. I’m authentically me through my personality, humour, brain and actions and my body is just a shell that I’m living through. The moral of all this ramble chat is: BE YO SELF! You’re incredible, gorgeous, lovely and kind. Trust me.

Lots of love,

Leithy 🖤


  1. Karon Gray

    Hi, Leith. This is your mum’s friend Karon. I realise that you’re not writing with a view to impressing me AT ALL, but I wanted to say that I am in awe of you. You are doing sooooo well, keep it up. June 22 will come if you keep going as you are. But I’d be tempted to add Turkish delight, marzipan, rasterise and cashew nuts…

    Liked by 1 person

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