The Inpatient Diaries: Day 17

7:45 Wake up.

8:15 For breaky I have 4 weetabix, toast with PB and jam and a coffee.

9:00 I am playing animal crossing and FINALLY my island gets the 3 star rating which means the concert will take place tomorrow. I’m overjoyed. I know immediately when this happens that it will go on my Positives of the day instagram story. (lol, tragic I know).

9:30 I try to nap but can’t.

10:00 I watch the second last Outer Banks episode with Immy and we discuss what we’re going to watch next. I suggest Desperate Housewives.

11:00 For snack I have an apple, a banana and grapefruit juice.

11:25 I facetime Mum whilst she takes Shuggs for a walk and it feels like I’m there with her. I miss them so much. What I would give for a walk with them now…

11:45 I facetime Phoebe and Rebecca. Rebecca and I are trying to teach Phoebe how to make an origami heart from my blog post. She does it and it’s amazing! 😎

12:30 Lunch is a beef pasty (wish I’d picked the pasta option…), potatoes and then fruit and yoghurt. Usually I would be so annoyed at myself for picking an option I didn’t like and would have seen it as a “waste of calories” but today I feel optimistic and tell myself that now I know for next time. It feels like I’m finally progressing and actually getting somewhere with this.

2:30 I take my walk and listen to my May playlist (regrettably called “It’s Gonna Be May” – cringe).

3:30 At snack I have a hobnob, a digestive, an apple and some milk.

4:00 I facetime Mya and we chat about small stuff but it makes me happy.

4:45 I have one of the best chats with a nurse. We talk about my progress and possible discharge dates and it lifts my spirits so much. It makes me feel excited to recover and motivates me loads. I want to make everyone, (including myself and the nurses) proud of me. I can do this. And I will.

5:10 I listen to music in the garden and play some more animal crossing.

6:00 Dinner is cheese and beans on toast then a raspberry trifle. The trifle is still frozen but I prefer it like that anyway. Lucky I guess.

7:05 I facetime Immy and Mum and we watch the family version of the Chase. We joke about going on it. I think we’d be good.

8:00 We watch Killing Eve and I play some more animal crossing.

9:15 For snack I have shreddies, a banana and a tea.

9:20 I facetime Mum and we watch Gemma Collins. It cracks me up but is weird because she calls herself the GC (that’s MY name) and I feel weirdly possessive over it.

The day was long but it’s another one down and one closer to being well and recovered. Win! 🥰

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