How to make origami hearts

I got sent some amazing printed paper from Sarah, a lovely friend of Mum’s, along with some instructions for origami. I was immediately drawn to the hearts because I thought I could stick many of them up on my wall. I must say now, I am no origami expert AT ALL, but I definitely found this model one of the easier ones that I’ve tried. For these hearts all you’ll need is some square paper (I cut out some colouring in I completed and used this alongside actual origami paper) and maybe a ruler (if you want the creases to be extra sharp). I hope these instructions aren’t too confusing but as ever, if you have any questions or comments please let me know. If you do recreate these please tag me in the picture so I can see them or send me a photo! I’d love to see.

Big hugs,

Leith xxx

Step 1

Start with the paper white-side up.

Step 2

Fold the paper in half (doesn’t matter which way).

Step 3

Unfold the paper.

Step 4

Fold in half the opposite way and unfold again.

Step 5

Flip the paper if you need to and fold the bottom 2 corners up to the top centre point then unfold.

Step 6

Now do the exact same thing again but with the top 2 corners and unfold again.

Step 7

Fold the outer edges into the 2 points you just made (the middle of the Xs) and unfold.

Step 8

Fold all 4 corners into the creases that you created in the last step.

Step 9

This is probably the most confusing step and it was really hard to take a picture of! Basically you form the heart by holding the paper by the corners and then you pinch them together. You then bring the outer edges together and you will start to see a heart-looking model. You then push the bottom (looks like a diamond) together and press it underneath,

Step 10

Lay your heart flat on a table then fold the top 2 corners down and unfold.

Step 11

Use the creases you just made to push the paper inside the heart to create the shape above.

Step 12

Fold the uppermost flaps down and then fold the tips down. (This bit can be quite tricky if you are using thicker paper).

Step 13

Fold the triangles back up and et voilà!

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