The Inpatient Diaries: Day 10

Hello everyone. Thought I would post an update regarding my decision to leave or stay. I have thought about it so much and have finally realised that staying is the right thing to do. My options in the end were either to stay and find it impossibly hard and be upset temporarily, or get no support from my family and stay at a friends house. This is the hardest decision I have ever made in my whole life but I can’t disappoint my family. I’m sorry again to everyone who feels I am their responsibility. I’m taking this on by myself now and will see it through. I want more than anything else to make Mum, Dad, Immy, Aunty Deb, Uncle Matthew, Grandad, Dilly, Rachel and Aunty Florence (as well as my amazing cousins) proud. I’m doing this not only for them but also for my incredible best friends including Phub and Reb who listened to me for hours last night blubbering on about leaving. And to Mya whom I unfairly asked to stay at her house if I was discharged. I’m sorry to everyone. I wish I wasn’t like I am but by staying here I hope I can change and prove to you that I deserve your trust again.

I love you all so much and see you on the other side,

Leithy xxxx

One Comment

  1. Caity

    I am so relieved to hear this. It will be so excruciatingly hard but… It will get easier, imagine the life you can get out of this xo


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