The Inpatient Diaries: Day 2

05:11 I wake up. Why do I always wake up so early? This is annoying because it means the day will seem longer.

06:00 I realise I have nearly played animal crossing for an hour. I decide to go and have a shower.

06:25 That shower cannot be classed as a shower. It’s literally just a trickle. That was probably the hardest shower I’ve ever had because it took about 20 minutes to wash the soap off. The trickle was accompanied by one rogue jet thing that sprayed water to the other side of the room and managed to get my socks wet. Joy.

06:30 I get dressed. I spend about 10 minutes deciding what to wear. Stupid because nobody is actually going to see me. I have brought too many clothes with me. The nurse who went through my things to safety check everything said that I had the most stuff anyone has ever brought onto the ward. I have 21 pairs of socks. You can never have too many socks though, right?

This begins to show the amount of stuff I have with me. I have filled all the draws and it is overflowing in the wardrobe. Might I add the wardrobe is completely pointless because you can’t hang anything up as there is a shelf 3/4 of the way from the top and no rail. You are also not allowed coat hangers.

06:50 I play Sims 4. My laptop is overheating and making loud whirring noises. Classic Sims.

08:20 Breakfast. Same as yesterday: hot shreddies (mushed ofc), OJ (they ran out of grapefruit), 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea. But no. Tragedy. They have run out of peanut butter. I panic. I don’t want toast if I don’t have peanut butter. I can’t have jam because then I have to have butter and I’m too scared of butter to try that yet. Plus, they won’t give me enough jam to make it nice. The nurse asks me what I want on my toast. I don’t know. I’m genuinely getting hot and panicky. I’m so torn. I can’t decide. The world is ending. The nurse tells me there is chocolate spread. Do I want chocolate spread? I’ve never had chocolate spread. I tell the nurse this. She says I’ll like it. I don’t agree but I definitely don’t want honey or marmalade. I settle for the chocolate spread. It’s delicious.

09:00 I have an idea for a challenge jar. I love thinking about food so this will be fun for me.

10:30 I check my instagram and see that people are actually willing to join in my challenges with me! This makes me so so happy and I feel all warm inside. I’m so grateful.

11:15 Snack. 5 brownies. It’s not all bad I suppose.

11:30 I receive a message from an old friend saying she read my blog and saw I play animal crossing. She invites me to her island. I think that is the nicest gesture ever. (Hi Rachel 🥰)

12:25 Lunchtime. I am on facetime with Mum for support. Bolognese then a muller corner. Not as good as Mum’s. Mum judges me for eating the strawberry bit of the muller corner separately.

1:00 I watch The Game Plan with Immy on facetime.

3:37 Snack is a blueberry nutrigrain. This is another classic Cotswold House snack.

4:00 Mum drops off the new Cooking Mama game for my nintendo switch! I wave at her through the window again. I am so excited to play it I have been waiting for weeks.

4:25 I ask one of the nurses to get the stuff my mum has brought in because nobody seems to have come and given it to me yet. Turns out you have to wait 72 hours before they can give me anything due to the virus. I HATE THIS VIRUS.

4:30 We have a family facetime with my cousins and uncle who lives in Abu Dhabi. It makes me really happy. I love them all so much.

6:00 Tea. Tuna mayo sandwich. Lemon sponge. Custard. I joke with the nurse on my 1:1 that the sponge is dry. I hope she knows I’m joking. (I am really not joking though. I thank the lord for the existence of custard).

6:32 Watching TV with Immy and Mum on facetime. I play animal crossing.

7:52 A nurse comes in and explains to me that I will get Room 1! Woohoo! But only temporarily she says. Bleh. It’s the room people stay in after being in isolation so after 7 days a new patient will come. Now we pray for the other end room. The other end room has a nice window and is just bigger than the others. I keep my fingers crossed.

9:45 Get meds. Say goodnight. Read. Another day down. Only 4 more days of self isolation. I can do this.


  1. Mrs Deb Brown

    Hi Leith,

    It’s Deb, Louise Browns mum Well done on all you are doing – I am willing you on and sending you much love and big hugs xx (Not sure I would know how to send you peanut butter – but would if I could – hope they get it sorted soon xx

    Sent from my iPhone



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