Challenge jar

Hey everyone!

Bit of a different post today because my day has been really boring and I read back on my “Inpatient Diaries post” and didn’t think there was much anyone would be interested in lol. So instead, I thought I would make a post about my challenge jar that I’m currently making.

The idea behind my challenge jar is that I write down a list of foods I miss and haven’t allowed myself to have over the past how-ever long and then I’ll write them out individually and cut them out. Then. once I’m out of hospital a bit more and eventually when I’m discharged, I’ll pick one out of a jar day by day and challenge myself by having that food!

I hope that when I start to do them people will join in with me, so please let me know if you’d be interested in joining my challenge! I want to get as many people involved as possible! Omg maybe we could even have a hashtag? Let me know your thoughts please! The more the merrier and I would really appreciate all your support. 🖤

I don’t want to give too much away because hopefully I’ll be posting the challenges when I pick them out and do them, but a few ideas I’ve had so far include:

  • A bakery cookie
  • Porridge with toppings
  • A croissant
  • A bowl of granola
  • A full sized chocolate bar
  • A whole tub of ice cream
  • A bagel
  • Green pesto
  • Curly chips

Haha they are very random but hopefully I can make the list really long and keep on adding to it! If you have any suggestions please leave them below or on my instagram, I’d love to hear what your favourite foods are.

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