Albeit necessary, self-isolation and social distancing can be really hard for those who struggle with change or rely on distractions and daily routines, so its important that we take the time to check in with friends and family but also just as important to look after ourselves. I’ve come up with a few ideas how to survive and thrive this self-isolation period! Haha but all jokes aside, I hope you find this useful.

• Run a warm bubble bath using your favourite soaps and candles.

• Take that 5 minute walk and get a breath of fresh air – or don’t! Just being outside is also such a lovely thing and I find really improves my mental health.

• Do a facemask! 

• Facetime a friend or family member either to just check in or maybe watch an episode of your favourite TV show using the Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix in sync (so cool, right!)

• Stretch or do some light yoga.

• Do a jigsaw puzzle!

• LEGO (or a cheaper alternative lol)

• Get crafty. Whilst inpatient, my sister and I tried our hand at origami and although initially a challenge, we managed to make some actually really cool stuff and it felt good to have learnt a new skill! Defo worth a try.

• Netflix (obvs) – Ooh and Disney+ is a new fave too!

• Paint your nails (or get someone to paint them for you *cough Immy cough*)

• Catch up on youtube videos you’ve been saving. 

• Have a hot choccy / tea.

• Avoid the news!

• Baking (again, obvs)

• Colouring in – a personal favourite of mine! I’m thinking of dedicating a whole post on this?

• Animal crossing or any nostalgic games – I’ve recently just got a Nintendo Switch and it has been such an amazing time-passer and I’m counting down the days to receive my pre-order of Cooking Mama!

• Read, even if its just a chapter or even a page or a paragraph.

But remember…

P.S. how cute are these designs by @stacieswift?! I found her on instagram and I fell in love with her art straight away, she’s definitely worth a follow. I think she even makes calendars and stuff too!

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