April Book review – Find Me by Andre Aciman

Reading is something I absolutely love to do, whether it’s in the bath or on the bus. So, I thought I would do a page on the blog dedicated to the books I love and do a monthly book club! I don’t know how long this will last for but it’s worth a try 🙂 I’ve also linked my Goodreads account so you can see some of the stuff I’ve been reading from there too, although they often don’t have all the books so I’ll be sure to make a note of the ones that don’t make it on there. I’ll always try to avoid spoilers – it will be more of a recommendation than a summary of the plot. 

This month I thought I’d start with a book I only just recently finished – Find Me by Andre Aciman. It’s the sequel to Call Me By Your Name which is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE FILM and the book filled me with so much happiness and joy when I first read it so I was really excited when I heard that Andre Aciman announced on his Twitter that he was writing Find Me. 

The book is a lil confusing because it’s split into 4 parts (or as the author says, ‘movements’): Tempo, Cadenza, Capriccio and Da Capo. Tempo is narrated by Elio’s dad 10 years after the summer of Call Me By Your Name, Cadenza is narrated by Elio 5 years on from Tempo, who by this point is a famous pianist! Capriccio is told from Oliver’s point of view and is set 20 years after CMBYN and here Oliver is a professor in America. The last movement, Da Capo, is told by Elio again and is set not long after Capriccio. 

So yeah, as you can imagine, the book is quite hard to follow at times but once you realise what is happening and when and from who’s point of view it becomes a rich and beautiful novel which, in my opinion is just as charming as CMBYN. 

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