Hey! I’m Leith, a 19 year old from Oxfordshire recovering from anorexia nervosa, depression and anxiety. I started this blog mainly out of boredom during the start of the first lockdown, but hope that by being honest and open about my experiences, I can teach and help others. Although I’m not quite there yet myself, I know that the path to recovery lies just ahead and the end is in sight.

I want to show that anyone can heal their relationship with food, which not only brings recovery, but also a happiness, peace and freedom like no other.

I absolutely love baking, reading, style and skincare so these are the kinds of things I hope to post about, alongside mental health, positivity and self care. Who knows what this will turn into but if you’re interested in any of those things or just want to follow me on my mental health journey, I hope you enjoy my posts and you can follow my instagram @leithsrecovery for even more 💗

Sometimes It Snows In April

Prince was right – Sometimes It Snows In April. Turns out it also sometimes sleets, a lot, in May. Even though there has been a hailstorm almost every single day of May so far this year in the UK, we still look forward to summer. We are planning our outfits for when we will be…